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We’re approved by Transport for NSW Roads as a Category G contractor, with the ability to work on state roads.

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Providing Comprehensive Traffic and Pedestrian Management Solutions

We facilitate essential permits from Councils, Police, STA, and RMS. We cater to diverse customers, ranging from local government and premier construction companies to land and property developers, ensuring each project operates seamlessly and within regulatory compliance. 


High Standards for a job well done.

Customer First Service

West Sydney Traffic Control prioritises customer satisfaction. We offer tailored services, responsive communication, and a commitment to exceed your expectations.

Safety & Compliance

Our focus is safety. We operate according to strict safety guidelines and regulations, ensuring every project unfolds with precision and care.

Nothing Overlooked

We pay attention to every detail. Our thorough approach means that every aspect, from planning to execution, is managed meticulously, ensuring smooth operations and a successful project outcome.

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